Custom Pro Zip Polo Boots and Knee Pads

Custom made genuine leather full pro-zip sport polo boots. High quality and fits your feet perfectly based on the measurements specific to your feet and the craftmanship of the boot builder. High quality work of functional art as these boots wear well, look great and polo functional. $650 with free shipping to the U.S. There may be additional shipping charge for overseas locations. Send us your measurements to and you can pay HERE

1. Boots (Male or Female) $650

2. Knee Pads alone $150

3. Boots (Male or Female) and Matching Knee Pads $775 (Save $25 as a package)

**Because the boots are custom made per order it may take approximately 3 weeks from the time of order to receive. We do everything we can to expedite the process but orders and workmanship take a little time. 

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