Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Tips on Buying the Best Polo Mallet for You!

The mallet is one of the central pieces of equipment any polo player must have if they are going to play the sport of polo. Can't do much without learning how to maximize the use of your mallet. The type of mallet that works best for you is sometimes a matter of personal preferences and other times influenced by the type of game. That can be hard to choose among the many options if you don't know how to select a mallet and you are new to the sport. Three easy criteria for selecting a mallet are helpful......

1. Bend and Snap: Mallets should have some bend in the shaft. While some players want more and some want less there should be enough give for extra oomph. Thus the top 1/2 to 3/4 is generally stiffer and the bottom 1/3 a little more flexible.

2. Intended Use: Indoor and outdoor mallets are slightly. Stiffer shafts and lighter heads work well indoors while heavier heads and a little more flexibility are helpful when outdoors. One could use them interchangeably but people seem to have preferences for lighter and heavier.

3. Budget and Quality: Price and quality are hugely important. $250 dollar mallets have perfect shafts while most players don't need that! One can do equally do well with a $100 mallet that is of durable construction.

Each of us are restricted by our budgets and many new players spend $220 on a mallet they could have got for around half the price! Escanaba Polo Mallet Company offers a Yooper Mallet line that is great for practice for around $100 (check price below). It is rugged, hand crafted and used some hardwood in its construction. A good mallet for practice and clubs. There are discounts if you are buying a few for a polo club or organization. The plan is to donate much of he profits toward social causes like orphans, horse rescue and enrichment causes. Sharing this article is helpful. :) https://www.escanabapolomallet.com/

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