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3 Free Online Resources to Learn The Basics of Polo

Many have been enthralled by the spectacle that is polo, but few have taken the time and effort to partake in the sport. There are many hours of training, of practicing with your team and running drills amongst each other which can be quite daunting to an outside viewer. A lot of questions run through their minds: do I need to buy a horse, is it expensive, how old do I need to be? However polo is more accessible than those who have little understanding of the sport think, if you find the right resources and utilize them effectively you can be taking polo lessons in no time. 

Three Resources that Can Help You Learn Polo:

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There are a plethora of resources online, ranging from the websites of organizations and clubs associated with polo or even YouTube videos that serve as great mediums for teaching polo, however a lot of physical experience in the sport will truly be required to master in the sport well. Watch the online resource and practice alone and with others to get a better knowledge and muscle memory.

U.S. Polo Association: The first website on the list is the website of the United States Polo Association (, perhaps the most professional entry into this list, this website features a great page for newcomers to the sport. Featuring links to the various rules of polo, answers to many of the aforementioned questions, and even a system to assist people in finding polo lessons. This feature doesn’t just cover adults, but the website can also assist parents in finding lessons for their children. This website also features a great deal of information into the happenings of the wider world of polo. Visitors can browse the news related to polo on this website, and engage socially with others.

Gav Says: Created purely to fulfill the niche of online polo teaching, the website ( attempts to fulfill this purpose. On this website a visitor can learn about pretty much any subject related to polo in unprecedented detail. There are video lessons on the proper grip of a mallet, and video lessons for various exercises for beginners which is part of the reason why this website was selected. If you’re looking for more advanced subjects relating to polo, there are some videos about the various tactics a team can use. This website also bears a formidable section teaching about horse handling, which will definitely benefit an individual outside of the sport. A lot of these videos are related to training the horse vital commands, which is definitely necessary for new horse owners. The best part is that the training comes from an individual who definitely knows what they’re talking about, brining 40 years of experience to the table.

PoloIn: The final resource that I’m going to bring to the table isn’t a website, rather a collection of YouTube videos by PoloIn, which I would regard as being incredibly helpful and information packed The content is all in video format which is good for new learners, so that they can visualize the information which is being explained to them.  ( The content also comes in layers, featuring two different series of lessons. One simply referred to as “Polo Lessons” which features the most basic information for a rider to learn, gradually increasing in complexity as the series goes on. While the second series “Professional Polo” deals with the greater intricacies of polo, and the various situations a more experienced rider could find themselves in.

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