Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Using Cartoons for Advertising: Yolo Polo

Consumers are bombarded by thousands of advertisements a day and getting through this "noise" can be very difficult. Sometimes you may want to explore other ideas that are not conventional. In this case, I'm trying to utilize art and creativity to develop an effective cartoon advert that can be easily shared and used on social media. The art took a little time but I think you can do well making your own but you may want to pay for it if you can't come up with something that works. 

Why a Cartoon?

Cartoons are colorful and people often think in terms of pictures instead of words. Thus, the information is processed quickly and our brain naturally gravitates toward things we understand more quickly. There is a reason why the pictures in advertisement often get more intention than words alone. 

Escanaba Polo Mallet Company is a good works start-up business that not only donates profits to good causes, it also wants to help others learn to develop their own businesses. This is one of the reasons why this article is written (it also helps advertise the business/content marketing).

There are not a lot of polo companies and not a lot of polo cartoons. With that knowledge, and the need to create a brand, I put together a cartoon to post on social media. The goal is to create "share-ability" where people find value in the cartoon and expand its reach.


Its helpful to have cartoons relate to things people are thinking about and talking about to make it relevant. For example, my target marketing (i.e. young professionals and polo players) may understand putting together budgets and the frustration associated with it (whether corporate or their own). The news is flooded with budget issues on the state level.

While you create cartoons to understand an idea and create some "buzz" it should not go too far into the politics. In this case the use of "budget" means any kind of budget. Don't go so specific that you risk getting politically involved and in turn limit readership interest. People will read into it as much as they see fit as symbolism push cognitive depth.

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