Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Small Business and Effective Websites: Our Website is Like A C+

Websites are the modern business calling card and are essential for staying competitive in an e-commerce arena. People adjust within the first few seconds and will either stay or leave/”bounce” depending on how they view that site. In today’s world websites are more than just convenience they are essential to modern business. Core elements of strong design are often related to proper navigation, purpose, easy of use, and other important concepts. The key purpose is related to attracting and motivating visitors to take some action such as a purchase.

Looking at the study A Literature Review: Website Design and User Engagement we find there are essential elements to strong website designs. The authors reviewed significant literature to compile what they found.

  • navigation (62.86%), 
  • graphical representation (60%), 
  • organization (42.86%), 
  • content utility (37.14%), 
  • purpose (31.43%), 
  • simplicity (31.43%), and 
  • readability (31.43%).
As you design your website consider the differences between that which works and that which isn't going to work. The website becomes increasingly important for consumers. It should stand out and be easy to use. When people are browsing information they only take a few seconds to look before deciding what their next action is. 

When I look at Escanaba Polo Mallet companies website/blog I realize that we are just "ok" (like a C+). There is some where that can be done to create more dynamic content, display and activities. That would require an upping of the game of creativity and really taking time to improve the site. So what you can take from this is if you have a small business you can consider thinking about these elements and keep them in mind. Don't try and be the best website but try and be the most effective website.

Garett, E, et. al. (2016). A Literature Review: Website Design and User Engagement . Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, 6 (3). Retrieved https://www.ojcmt.net/download/a-literature-review-website-design-and-user-engagement.pdf 

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