Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Limited Time Polo Mallet with Free Shipping!

Success in business comes from trying out new ideas. Escanaba Polo Mallet Co. has been playing around with different pricing strategies as it develops its mallet model. Having a level of flexibility helps to determine what the mallet will fetch in the market and ensure a reasonable return rate (Much of our profits go to charity so profit is necessary for our general mission.)

According to the US Chamber of commerce, "If you’ve already launched your business, you can experiment with these strategies until you determine what works best for your business. You can also vary strategies between products depending on the market for each good or service.". 

You may want to read the full article '7 Smart Pricing Strategies to Attract Customers'. It discusses price skimming, market penetration, premium pricing, economy pricing, bundle pricing, value pricing and dynamic pricing. They will help to determine the right strategy for you and your business.

For example, Escanaba Polo Mallet Co. is looking at using something like the $99 mallet as market penetration price but we would eventually want to offer custom mallets in the $250+ range (Prices are always subject to change. We are still working on the right price.). They are similar but one has a higher quality and custom focus for individual players. 

Check on the Specs and price at 52" Michigan Made Polo Mallet With Free Shipping.

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