Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Putting Products on Face Book: Polo Mallets Go Social

Gaining some reach through multiple market space locations is helpful. Recently I have made a push to sell more mallets and engage with the Polo community. It took some time to get the basic method and processes in place. Once you have something that is workable you will then need to sell it. That requires a level of exposure. 

While I'm not new to Facebook I haven't put a lot of advertisements up there. Ebay and Amazon were common and now that Facebook is at a level it should not ignore it as a potential avenue to sell their products. 

Compared to other marketspaces the process was relatively simple and painless. Whether or not it pans out as a potential site with significant sales remains to be seen. At some point I will try their promoted listing and see if that helps.

Perhaps there are other marketspaces that I'm not familiar with. If you know of another good marketspace send me an email at

Right now we have direct buying, Ebay, Amazon, and now Facebook. A few others to develop are polo game flyers and directly to clubs. Here is our MALLET FACEBOOK LISTING

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