Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Polo Player Fitness Tips: strength and ability.

Exercise can be such a pain but it also comes with lots of blessings (and a little soreness). Beyond feeling great you may find that your sports performance increases the more your body changes. If you are actively engage in sports such as polo you will want to make sure that your fitness routine enhances versus detracts from your play mastery. Improvement requires thinking about the specific activities you are engaged in on the field and enhancing them in the gym. 

The question of how to do that is a difficult one for polo players as there isn't a lot of good advice. We don't want to be body builders that comes from heavy weights and we don't want to be super thin that comes with constant cardio. A polo player has general functional muscle tone made up of short and long fiber muscles that can balance speed and power. 

Different skill needs means you will want to work out in such a way that enhances the functional ability of the body. More reps with moderate weights until fatigue is recommended for polo players that need functional strength to balance the horse and hit the ball with accuracy and power. 

Many people feel that unless you are willing to do 1 rep maximum weights you can't gain muscle and that isn't true. According to Dr. Stuart Phillips from McMaster University in Ontario light weights (50% of 1 rep max) for 20-25 reps is just as efficient to building strength and muscle as heavier 1 rep weights. You can read the study in the Men's Journal.

The biggest thing is for you to keep at it!  Happy Polo Playing!

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