Friday, August 19, 2022

Polo Fitness Advice: Complex movements leads to stronger game play!

I am a fitness trainer certificate and of course also a busy professional and an amateur polo player. With all the things going on I rarely take clients but I do like to share knowledge with my fellow polo players. The advise is geared toward people with busy lives that work as desk jockeys, have limited time and want to double up on activities to get stronger for their on field games. 

First, let me say that staying in shape even if you are spending time on competing goals is important for the achievement of those initiatives. For example, with the right exercises you will be a better polo player. Not only will you feel more confident and aware, you will also have the stamina needed to make it through your work day and out on the field. (Cognitive and physical benefits). 

Over the years I thought about doubling up on different fitness categories to help save time. Creating combinations of strength, flexibility, cardio, and balance are helpful for maximizing time in gym.

What I have done as of late is use lighter/medium weights (15 - 20 reps) to create cardo oriented movements while increasing muscle strength. The increased movement under load changes the way in which the body reactions to blending strength and cardio (Cardio as in blood and oxygen moving.);

Complex activities are often a little better in cardio-weight blend as compared to simple movements such as a standard bicep curl. Movement with multiple components encourages the stabilizer muscles to activate in an effort to support body balance. Likewise, such a method has secondary benefits of  avoiding exercise habituation where returns decrease.

You might want to look around on the Internet for examples of these complex movements. To give you a sense of search direction, I often think in terms of exercising functional muscles that are needed in work life (work, horses, swimming, bike riding, etc..) Find those exercises that will strengthen your ability function in those activities.

The HITT cardio-weight type approach uses lighter/medium weights mixed with complex movements that often leads to stronger stabilization/balance because  the body must learn to manage those weights at different angles and speeds. It would initiate three areas of benefit (weights, balance, and cardio) by the same activity. 

I try and stay active, I know many of you do too, when you can save time by completing multiple types of expertise at once makes sense to me.

Sometimes having a little help if you are new to fitness can go a long way. If you need a little virtual help I have fitness trainer, yoga and self defense certifications. Limited space and availability. Email Fitness Training

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