Saturday, November 26, 2022

The Importance of Updating Your Amazon Listings (Esky Polo Example)

You won't make very many sales if your customers can't find you! Incorrect categorization of products can cost you sales and revenue because people are looking in the wrong spot. That is exactly what happened to us.

Noticing that our start up wasn't making many sales on Amazon I started to explore the roots of the problem. I found my listing on the Amazon Sellers dashboard and clicked the edit link.

What I found was that not only was our polo mallet listing very weak it was also in the wrong category!

 They listed our mallet's in power tools. I don't know about you but I wouldn't normally look for equestrian products in hardware.

We were on the problem and decided to make some changes......

We changed our category and updated our listing. Its not perfect but getting it into the right category is a must! 

Our second step will be to really work on the pictures and other information to ensure it is in in line with Amazon best practices. That will require some research on how to use listings effectively. 

You can check out our Polo Mallet Amazon Listing (Yes I know it needs more work. Another topic and article.)

Category is incorrect above.

I was able to submit a new category suggestion

I found a pretty strong resource on how to change the categories on Amazon. HERE

Escanaba Polo Mallet Co. is a start-up seeks to build a good works company that provides not only great products but supports the game of polo, local development and charitable causes. One way to do that is to build the best business model we can and in turn share what we have learned so others can build their own American based businesses. 

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