Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Escanaba Polo Gains Traction With Local Games

Polo isn't something that is akin to this area. Those living in the U.P. of Michigan are born western riders due to the sheer rural practicality. Polo was introduced a few years ago and is starting to take off! Not all the rules are followed perfectly, not everyone has the right saddles, and its Hodge podge  in nature because everyone is learning and having fun. 

As people become more interested it will be helpful to slowly start introducing additional rules of the game and core principles of play. 

The mallets were donated by Escanaba Polo Mallet Co.  We are donating two more mallets to ensure they have enough for robust play. When a mallet isn't up to our standards we remove it and try and find another use and in this case the small defects will not impact starting players so they now have a home.  That way we keep them supplied and we support the game! That can only happen with customers like you! 💓 

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