Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Temporarily Sold Out: 3 Lines of Escanaba Polo Mallet Co Development

Developing a strong 
company takes time.
Its a craft.
Part of the reason this little good works start up was launched is to teach others about business. So, I will sometimes post information on the state of the business and its successes or challenges. Quality craftsmanship takes time.

We custom make each polo mallet so that its quality is high and it is a unique niche offering in the market. Therefore, large batch production isn't something yet in our mix. 

Furthermore, we have a couple of different lines of development. See below.

1.) Standard Mallet: Quality is high, demand is high, price is around the $99 benchmark. 

2.) Designer Mallet: In conceptual stage. Will start in the $150 range in a few months. Unique colors and design. Will be sold after being created.

3.) Gear: Nothing started other then a few t-shirts. 

Please check our listings as we are making new mallets as we speak and should have more available soon. Thank you for your support.

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