Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Horse and Rider Personality Impacts the Polo Game [Science and Horse Study]

Polo players and equestrian enthusiasts have known for a long time that horses have personalities and that when matched with the right personality of the rider the performance level goes up. Now their is science that helps to support the idea that the psychology of horse and rider is important. This information should help you think about how to improve the psychological fundamentals of good polo playing. 

The study found,

-129 horses were rated using the Horse Personality Questionnaire

-104 polo players completed a personality test

-Horse intellect had a negative main effect on player's handicap and horse performance.

-Player neuroticism and player openness produced a negative main effect on player's handicap and horse performance..

-Player neuroticism and horse neuroticism, and player openness and horse intellect created a positive effect on player's handicap.

-Horse intellect and player openness determined the level of performance of the horse.

The Study on Polo Player and Horse Personality

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