Monday, June 10, 2024

The Performance of Polo is Based on the Conditioning of Horse and Rider [Research Study]

Horse riding and in particular polo require a lot of physical agility and cardio. Whether you are a regular polo player or a fitness guru that wants to try new forms of exercise polo provides are cardio benefit. If you ever see players paying polo you often find they are in pretty good shape. The cardio aspects of the sport burn fat and require agility not often required in other sports. 

For polo players it makes sense to exercise off the horse to improve performance on the field. Variety is the key to overall health so consider doing activities like swimming, dance, volley ball, etc. that share complementary attributes. 

-Evaluated polo horse performance and the heart rate of riders. 

-Polo creates cardiovascular exertion with average heart rate exceeding 165 bpm and 200 bpm. 

-As the horse performs at a higher rate the rider also needs to meet that cardio rate. 

-Unconditioned riders on a conditioned horse could limit play for both. 

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