Tuesday, March 31, 2020

What Our Customers LIKE and DON'T LIKE About Our Mallets!

Escanaba Polo Mallet Company (EPMC) is a good works start up that desires to sell high quality affordable mallets domestically and internationally while still helping  making the world a better place! Our practice "Yooper" mallet is under $100 with free shipping making it one of the most affordable polo mallets on the market.  As with any new products there are some things we will excel at and other things we need to still work on. We share our experiences for you to be an educated consumer.

EPMC is no different than any other business in that we carry some features that polo players like and some they want to see improvement on. Customer satisfaction is important to us. We want to hear from our customers to tell us what they loved, disliked, and want.. That feedback creates a loop whereby we can improve our product until we get the mix just right!

What Our Customers Liked About Our Mallets?

They liked the handle. Our handles have a two layers of rubberish inner core, wrapped and then a special rubber type wrap that better ensure comfort and no slip. One of our customers liked the handle so much he took off the head he didn't like and affixed a different mallet head on it (He was very honest).

They liked the quality. Customers genuinely like the quality of the product. They felt the mallet was durable and well worth the price.

What They Didn't Like About Our Mallet?

Our heads need additional work. They were considered by some customers as small and light. Reviewing what some of our customers state we couldn't agree more! So...we adjusted.....(see below).

The drill for the shaft was off center. The mallet head and shaft didn't connect together directly center. Looks more like the head is not sitting in the vice securely.

What Are We Doing About It?

We are upsizing our mallet heads. Adjustments are a little bigger with a 2" width so they are heavier than before. We will have a smaller version for customization but the heavier weight will add a little more snap to it. That will work well in the arena!

We are keeping our handles because people like them. There may be a few small adjustments but they are going to stay pretty much the same.

We are adding a rubberish buffer near the head (on the shaft) to protect the shaft from the ball.

Much of our profits are given away (somewhere around 50%) for charitable causes like orphans and horse rescue.

Go ahead and try one!

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