Sunday, May 3, 2020

Hit A Homerun with Gen-Z Marketing Channel!

You think you are going to hit a home run with your product! You got the latest, coolest, most awesome hot product and you can’t reach that elusive Gen-Z that seems to navigate the Internet with nothing more than the wisp of their finger! It isn’t the easiest or most predictable demographic today but could be a very profitable one if you do things right! You better learn to communicate with them in the channels they frequent, or your games will be 0 and 0! Having the right product is a lot like showing up with your glove and ball because if you don’t know how to reach your fans you’re just a dirt post on the field!

You should remember a couple of things before tossing your hat onto the Gen-Z field. Such hopeful youth values experience over products and are more focused on saving money than any of the “old timer” generations before. You keep these in mind, and it’ll come in handy as you roll around marketing solutions in your head. Determining which channel to place your advertisement so it finds a well spring of vibrant young consumers isn’t that difficult. Most teens may keep an account on Facebook but tend to flock to Instagram and snapchat. Ok…maybe not all but the young “hipsters” do!

About that whole experience mumbo jumbo, I been talking about. What I mean is you should market the experience your product creates and not so much actual product. For example, you’re not selling baseball caps, but the memories and feelings associated with baseball and the team. Instead of making the advertisement about your product, market the entire game of baseball. Let your customers almost smell the brats, hear the crack of the ball, and listen to the cheering fans when they buy your product!  In other words, you’re not selling a baseball bat but the crack of the bat and the positive memories and feelings coming from hitting a home run (marketing or otherwise!

Author: AM is a college freshman and inspires to be a writer. We help where we can and he was happy to writing something that can be published. 

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