Friday, August 28, 2020

Small Business Adaptation of New Polo Mallet Features-New Weighted Head!

 We listen to our customers regularly to see how to improve our products. We want to make one of the best most affordable American made mallets on the market. Each time we hear feedback we make adjustments and keep increasing our quality. We had high rankings before but want to be the absolute best we can be at Escanaba Polo Mallet Company. There are some steps I follow to gain as much feedback methods as I can to make improvements and changes.

1. Review Customer Wants: Everything goes back to your customer and what makes them happy. 

2. Define the Problem: We had a few people indicate they would like to see a heavier head. I couldn't agree more so I set upon a path to weight the head while still following my good works objective of sourcing locally. 

3. Experiment: Experimenting with different methods makes a big difference in new solutions. I experimented with different styles and weights and found what works best. Through experimentation I came on a process that works well for me so you will want to explore your solutions. 

4. Sell and Gather Feedback: The process of business renewal and improving the product makes a big difference in long term product success and marketability. Talk to your customers, get to know them, look at what people say about polo mallets and what kind of features they want. Do your market research.

In this case I used lead to make the head slightly heavier give it a little more bend in the shaft and the crack of the ball. While most people liked the heads we had and repeat bought we always want to improve (i.e. feedback loop). We then put just a little more weight into the head and found a way to customize this if need be. I believe that is the general strategy in which we will go. To create the best custom mallets for the price and then create a brand off of our mallets. Its just about learning and applying.

Escanaba Polo Mallet Company that is good works oriented and helps children, horses and encourages greater awareness of business principles of entrepreneurs.

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