Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Creating Effective Ads-Examples from a Polo Mallet Company

 Companies have to create advertisements that will attract people and maintain a sense of a brand. Playing around with some advertisements of my own I found where some mistakes were made and vow to correct them at a future date. What I do find is that the strategy and the marketing approach should be very much aligned and sometimes there are undefined aspects of your campaign because you have not operationally understood how something functions in "real life".

Its important to remember that Escanaba Polo Mallet Company is a good works company that donates away much of its profits to charitable causes. One of the goals is to also raise awareness of micro-manufacturing needs as a viable occupational alternative that has the power to repower our nation through our innovative spirit. So the article is as much about teaching as learning and as much about learning as teaching; a mutual process. 

I'm playing around with my amateur painting and thinking of ideas on making an effective advertisement. As with anything you are doing there is room for improvement. Beyond the obvious of being a better painter there are a few things I like and don't like about advertisement. The main goal was to use color to attract the eye as color in places like newspapers can give a 41% boost in median sales (Sparkman & Austin, 1980). Its a pretty old study but you get the idea on how color creates marketing impact

What I Don't Like:

1. Sky should be brighter to give the impression of a lazy day. 

2. The message could be more clear. I think it could be written a different way. 

3. Confusion between water polo and horse polo. The background doesn't complement the message and it doesn't give hints on what actions the readers should take next.

4. I don't like the box in corner and should integrate the box or find a new location. 

What I Do Like:

1. I like the use of colors because they attract the eye. I think a painting (at least a good one) could sell on emotion as primary and logic as secondary.

2. While I think the display lettering needs work I would say that the basic idea is there but needs greater integration of elements from font to background. 

3.The picture is fairly crisp and contrasted with the background.

Sparkman Jr., R., & Austin, L. M. (1980). The Effects of Sales of Color in Newspaper Advertisements. Journal of Advertising, 9(4), 39–42.

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