Sunday, March 7, 2021

Delta County Businesses Can "Get In" on Walmart's $350 Billion American Manufacturing Investments

Walmart craves to be part of the American manufacturing revolution and Delta County MI businesses might want to submit products for consideration. John Furner, President and CEO, Walmart plans to invest $350 billion in products made, grown and/or assembled in the United States. The initiative occurs over 10 year period, and projected to create approximately 750,000 jobs. That change might boast local manufacturing and in turn prompt other big box retailers to push their supply lines to manufacture nationally. If you are a U.S. based small manufacturer you will want to take note of emerging opportunities to create a stronger position.

What Will be Produced?

Investors seek to encourage production for things like textiles, plastics, small electrical appliances, food processing, and pharmaceutical and medical supplies. Much of the effort will be focused on products that were traditionally produced in China but will now be pushed to produce in the United States. 

While investing in the manufacturing base is important, they will also be open to new products. If you have a business in Delta County Michigan then you want to explore as many opportunities as possible to create demand. 

What To Do If Your a Supplier?

Walmart executives expect around 9,000 entrepreneurs to be part of the capacity building effort. If you have a "shelf ready" product then you can pitch for consideration to be included in Walmart's line up. Shelf-ready meaning you have the quality, consistency and packaging all in place (You may also want to explore becoming a seller in their online Walmart's Marketspace

For many small manufacturers having a large big box retailer like Walmart pick up your product is a boon. You will have to read more about it HERE (I wonder if they would be interested Escanaba Polo Mallet Co mallets and/or brand? 🤔).

What is the American Lighthouse?

Without coordinating across local and regional manufacturing stakeholders it will be difficult to overcome capacity building challenges. "The Lighthouses will bring together participants from the supplier community, including manufacturers and NGOs, leaders from academia, government and local economic development groups.(Edelson, 2021, para. 9).

What is the Strategy?

The company expects major changes in the market as a result of increased competition with China. It also sees that investment in these supply chains would be helpful to managing them better. The focus of the investment money will be on market demand products that gives Walmart more control over its suppliers. 

How can This Help Businesses in Delta County MI (Escanaba/Gladstone)?

If you produce a product that has its own packaging and can be sold (i.e. knives, outdoor equipment, etc...) you may want to get involved. For local businesses, having a big box retail like Walmart sell your products makes a big difference in wealth, jobs and the local economy. It is also possible that as Delta County and local administrators of Escanaba and Gladstone might want to take a battery of locally produced products and help to prepare them to be sent Walmart's way! 

For More Information on Delta County Businesses see Delta County Chamber of Commerce

Escanaba Polo Mallet is a good works polo mallet start-up in micro-manufacturing and hopes to explore and share what it learns on its journey. Much of the profits are donated to charitable causes. When information is helpful to the business community it will share them.

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