Thursday, March 25, 2021

Helping the Boarder Crisis by Helping Orphans in Mexico

Children are piling up on the boarder and we need to decide how to handle the crisis. We will want to be empathetic to these children and their plight in a way that maintains the natural boundaries between two countries. Finding a solution might be difficult because each option has hits own pitfalls. However, we might want to explore helping the children in Mexico through the use of orphanages and child centered foreign policy initiatives. 

Within 60 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border are numerous orphanages that would appreciate additional financial, academic and medical support (Even better if corporations sponsored some of the needs. Escanaba Polo Mallet Company donates some of its start up profits to help these orphans.). We may consider funding these orphanages and expanding their capacities to help children abandoned with the goal of reuniting with parents. Such children will have access to education and healthcare from caring staff instead of a chain link fence and border guard. 

Of course there would need to be some initiative in registering this children for tracking purposes and ensuring parents know where/who to contact to have someone to search the database for their children. Reuniting them with their families and supporting them through foreign policies that improve upon the U.S. brand and further our global initiatives is important (...not to mention developing business partnerships with Mexico that bring supply chains back from Asia and help these orphans with future jobs. I once thought of an idea to bring U.S. companies to help sponsor primary and online college education of orphanages to groom them to be managers for U.S. companies in Mexico.🤔)

I'm not saying it is the only solution, but that is is one option we can explore for its legal, ethic, and moral dynamics. As a nation we may want to focus our attention and efforts more on children then other non-essential desires of foreign aid recipients. The money goes a long way in helping these children and build good will initiatives that warm relationships in a way that is mutually beneficial for both countries.

Many of these orphanages are self-funded through private donations and are always looking for more help. While the ones I have visited do an excellent job with minimal resources they are almost always stretched thin. Funded through private donations, they are at the fluctuations of good will versus having a stable funding source. One U.S. Nonprofit that helps Mexican orphanages is.....

Corozon de Vida at

We can't say whether government will come up with a solution soon but we do know we will need to do something. It would make sense to invest in Mexico's orphanages for spill over benefits. Lots of children will be separated from their parents and helping Mexico handle this crisis is important. Just a sliver of our budget might make a big difference in the lives of these kids ($$ Stats by Country)

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