Friday, August 20, 2021

Pitch Letter on Soft Grip, Quality Materials and Deals in Polo Mallets

Part of the purpose of Escanaba Polo Mallet Co is to understand and raise awareness of how to start, run, and manage a business from start-up to whatever stages happen thereafter. Knowing and understanding your brand and what it looks like to customers (and the market) is important. I had a college student (Disclosure...I think I paid him $15 for the letter) write a basic pitch letter to share. 

This is what he came up with (You may want to double check pitch letter formatting).....

Polo Mallet Apprentice Pitch Letter

Escanaba Polo Mallets

(recipients name)
(recipients company name)
(recipients address)
(recipients phone number and or email address)

Re: Custom made polo mallets

Hello from Escanaba Polo Mallets. We are selling custom made polo mallets for $65 each with an order of 5 or more. This price includes free shipping! While many of our customers like our mallets for practice they also like them for play. Because they are unique it opens up new opportunities for “best match” between mallet and player.

Our polo mallets are made with care and with high quality materials. The mallets are crafted with hand made wooden heads, soft grip, and reinforced shaft making it a great polo mallet for new and experienced players alike.

We are also a start-up company that supports worthwhile causes in addition to continuously updating our mallets and brand to provide the highest quality products and service. Our little business is about developing relationships with the polo community.

To order some for yourself and/or your colleagues, have a visit at our website or send us an email. and

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