Monday, September 6, 2021

Dressing in Style for Polo Parties!

Robb Report
While polo players typically like to play sometimes they also want to watch; not to mention the fans. If your attending polo games and want to look your very best in the classic polo style you might need to update your wardrobe (I got some old stuff laying around but need to update myself.). I came across a  solid article by Robb Report entitled 'How to Dress for a Polo Match, According to Polo Star Nacho Figueras'

There is some pretty cool stuff in there and its one of those times one can dress to impress and feel good about it. When you attend a polo party there are dress requirements that include business casual clothing, sports jackets and brighter colors. In the bigger ticket areas it can be considered mandatory.

We usually get to see the outfits for the ladies with the big hats but we don't often see what the men get to wear. Some of the stuff might be a little upscale but there are some affordable alternatives. If your going to sit and watch the game your likely to turn some heads if you get your clothing "grove on". 

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