Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Introducing the Trident Polo Mallet Market Break Price

Introducing the Trident Polo Mallet. It has three separate smaller poles bonded into one that makes it more durable than a traditional mallet. The functionality may also be a little better. Trying something new sometimes leads to improvement in game play. It is currently retailing at an introductory price $50 with free shipping within US. (subject to change. Putting at an expiration date in like 12-02-2021 helps to manage when prices must adjust upwards.) Please send $50 to Pay Pal Link

Listing Information:

New design trident mallet is stronger and more durable than the traditional single shaft method.
With three (3) smaller shafts you can strength in the shaft as well as additional play advantages.
This is a new generation of mallet that builds off of traditional models to improve the play and feel of playing. This product is made in the US and supports the play of the game.

You will also find each mallet to be slightly different as the design as we hand make these mallets and
continue to work on their design. We want your feedback after you bought one so please send us a
message about what you thought (good or bad) as we improve our product with it.

The goal is to create a socially responsible business that gives 50% of profits to charities such as
orphans, horses, gifted children or local charities.

52 (If you need a different size contact us)
USA Made. Not a lot of mallets are custom made in the U.S.

Free Shipping
Durable Cotton wrist strap ++
Easy non-slip grip
Hardwood mallet head.
Play or decoration.
New under rubber comfort undercoating on handle. ++
Each mallet is handmade and can be customized upon request.
There may be some difference in each mallet because they are not machined.
Unique non-slip comfort handle.
This a mallet that is great custom for practice or play. Because it is custom there may be
small differences between mallet to mallet.
Much of the profits go to horse charities and orphans.
Can custom cut 50 to 55". 52" is the default size we will send to you.

Because each item is handmade there may be some variations in the product.
Handmade products are custom and that is what gives them their unique flavor.
Each one is unique in some way. Please send $50 to Pay Pal Link

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