Monday, January 3, 2022

Improving Tripartite Mallet Handles Based on Customer Feedback

Customer feedback provides opportunities to understand what customers want and where they are willing to spend their resources. As a business approach, if you accept and review feedback from customers you also begin to develop a method of improving your products. Product returns are more than a financial loss as they also reflect negatively on the product. We took to heart the lesson we learned from a returned tripartite polo mallet. 

The tripartite polo mallet was designed to have a stronger shaft by using three smaller shafts versus one larger one. As with all products there are advantages and disadvantages. 


1.) The handle felt off because of the way the shafts come together. 

2.) Slightly heavier than the single shaft mallet (Not excessive but a little more. Might need to update the description.).

3.) Less snap than a regular mallet. 


1.) Stronger shaft that is hard to break.

2.) Affordable price for beginners

3.) New options in mallet development. 

We always want to improve our mallets and one of the biggest things we could fix is the feeling/design of the handle. The handle was filled out in a way that creates a "rounder" feeling without the hard edges. We will make the mallets this way and see if our customers like the new handles and if that solves a problem for them. If it solves the problem we have taken a leap forward in the development of this design.

Using customer feedback as a loop for improvement helps to ensure that your products are continuously adjusting upward to meet market needs. It also can help your bottom line as upgrades through R&D leads to less returns (often calculated in $ and by %) and higher market value. An additional benefit is that the products also improve and in turn become more competitive as a contributory factor to the brand. 

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