Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Small Business and Green Initiatives: Packaging and Supplies @ Escanaba Polo Mallet Co.

Our environment has become extremely important and companies are trying to find the best way to go green. Green initiatives are very important to a company's reputation and to enhancing corporate social responsibility. Small businesses don't have the financial cushion or healthy profit margins that are sometimes needed to implement green practices. However, sometimes they can find little changes that can help. 

Escanaba Polo Mallet Company is a small start-up that supports prosocial and positive community action. It isn't a large production but seeks to create a brand by instilling the best practices in terms of customer service, quality, and functionality. In our case, we are using two green initiatives that include mostly reusable materials for production and reusable packaging (That is a big one for companies.).

That isn't a huge change for us as our mallets are made from bamboo/rattan poles that we straighten. Many companies sort of dump hundreds of those to find a few very straight ones. We learned how to straighten them ourselves. Our heads are made from hardwood that is a supply we can find in the area and thus reduce our carbon footprint. 

Our packaging is also made from reusable paper bags. While it would be more convenient to just have custom cardboard boxes it would add significantly to the cost. Reused paper bags aren't as beautiful as a box but cheaper to ship and easy to find (We may want to put a sticker on them so people now we are using green packaging.). 

Protecting our Environment

Here are a few ideas that might help your small business find some green practices. 

1.) Is there an adjustment you can make in your materials.

2.) Think about packaging and how that adds to waste. i.e. less plastic.

3.) Are there other uses for left over materials like saw dust.

4.) Can you buy supplies from companies that engage in green practices. 

5.) Is your supply chain local/regional and smaller carbon footprint.

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