Friday, March 11, 2022

First Large International Polo Mallet Order: Escanaba Polo Mallet Co. Begins Scaling Process

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Escanaba Polo Mallet Company has been working on perfecting its mallets and has been ensuring customers service (Part of the entry strategy. We want a high quality product and we want to be trusted!). We invented the tri-partite mallet which had positive reviews as an alternative type mallet (It was a little stiff but we got the heaviness down to standard mallet range. Our 52" standard mallet is lighter than many mallets allowing for a little more control.) and continued to develop our standard mallet. An order comes in for a single mallet, which is normal, and then finally an order for many more to supply a new team sponsored by a saddle company. 

The order was fairly large, larger than we normally produce, and now have an opportunity to start supplying entire teams. That is where we would like to go in terms of providing organizations and clubs with both mallets and gear. We aren't anywhere near supplying team gear just yet but once we are able to show our capacity in supplying teams with high quality mallets we can improve on that and offer other products as well (We won't be building those products but selecting the best quality and branding them.). 

The Issue of Scalability:

The issues of scalability is an important one because as the product becomes better known it will create long tail marketing. That improves interest and opportunities. We will discuss at other points widening the types of products one might sell, make, or distribute but for the time being scalability is our primary issue (Successful business is all about solving problems.)  Growth will come through improving on the repeatability of an artisan product to create more consistent outcomes (We are almost there.)

Within the article Five Steps To Run And Scale A Successful Startup it indicates that one must be able to repeat their sales process over and over. That same concept will likely to apply to manufacturing and quality. When you scale you are designing processes that can be repeated over and over allow for incremental improvements in quality, consistency, and efficiency. Sometimes that might require new tools and other times just a better process. The same can be said for marketing, branding and advertising where channels are explored and what works is repeated (often getting better.). 

Keep Focused on Change and Honesty:

All start ups will go through growing issues and owners can become a little delusional about their prospects. According to an article in Entrepreneur entitled The Benefits of Intentionally Scaling Your Startup 50% of start-ups fail within the first 4 years. There are many issues as they relate to management, capital, and others to get from point A to a multimillion dollar point L. The focus in he beginning shouldn't be on money but on the development of a viable business model. 

The creation of a viable business model is precisely what I'm doing. I started selling mallets a few years here and there and listed to customers before launching the Escanaba Polo Mallet Co brand. I spend a lot of time talking with customers and what they need and want to ensure I have a strong customer centric product that has few returns. Now the process is about scaling to adjust and repeat processes to provide more return on efforts to a wider audience (i.e. clubs and teams.)

A Few Things Learned:

1. Scaling starts with a strong model

2. You need an excellent high quality product with market appeal.

3. Develop your brand with customer service and allow customers to tell you what they want.

4. If your not pressed for cash take your time and do things the right way.

5. Learn, develop, and innovate.

6. Repeat what works and remove what doesn't to create scalability. 

Who Is Escanaba Polo Mallet Company?

Escanaba Polo Mallet Co. is a good works start-up designed to provide quality polo mallets (and in the future gear) to the polo playing community. We have secondary objectives that focus on teaching others about entrepreneurship and donating a significant portion of our products to good works causes (i.e. orphans, gifted children, horse rescue, and other important causes). We are capable of providing your team and individuals with quality custom polo mallets.

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