Friday, March 4, 2022

Why Making Handmade Polo Mallets Move into High Quality Specialty Outcomes

Polo mallets are can be handmade or they can be manufactured by machines. The type of mallet you choose will depend on the approach a polo manufacturer takes. Some are more focused on volume sales while others are more focused on specialty products; a few may be able to do both. Many companies pre-buy the heads and shafts and then wrap the handles other may just purchase the whole mallet and resell it under their brand. At Escanaba Polo Mallet Company we make our own heads, shafts, and handles so we can manage the quality and outcomes. While small tools are used there are times when there are benefits to making quality mallets by hand. 

1.) Make Innovative Improvements: When working by hand it is easiest to make improvements and try them out. 

2.) Understand Wood: The wood of the handle has different contours of grain and working by hand trying out different pieces of wood can help find the best match. 

3.) Using American Materials: When working by hand it is possible to test and try American materials to improve the local economy. 

4.) Skill Development: While machines are great there are few things better than making polo mallets by hand to really understanding the process. 

5.) Improved Quality: Quality is often improved because one has control over all the parts of the process. 

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