Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Kamere Emosivbe Brings Polo to Life in His Paintings

They say pictures are worth a thousand words and I say that paintings are worth two thousand words. The depth of emotion and well mixed colors provide a level of meaning that photography has a hard time mastering. That is one reason why paintings are synonymous with human development.

If you are a polo player there are few things more motivational than players on horses tearing up the field!

Kamere Emosivbe brings his great love of polo to the canvas. Originals and prints are available of all of the works, as well as commissions to bring your own favorite moment to life! The artists work can be seen at www.kamere.art and can be reached by phone or Whatsapp at +13093070720.

When I look at these pictures I think of how they might work in a lounge, casino, hotel or polo club. They will spruce up just about any equestrian themed location. 

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