Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Learning Polo with Steve Thompson: An International Renowned Trainer

Polo takes lots of practice and a commitment to the fundamentals. Many times I have stood at the side of a polo field and wondered "How do I become such a great player as them?" Like any sport it takes focus and commitment. Watching videos helps, practicing helps but having the right coach can make a huge difference in your play. Our site provides information for beginning polo players. We are about contributing to the polo game and furthering the interest of future players. Happy Playing! 

You can learn a little more about Steve Thompson as an international renowned teacher at Prensa Polo. He also has his own website jam packed with lots of information and help @ SeveThompson Polo. For those who seek some of the best teachers in the field, need a little help and want to consider a seasoned coaching from an expert you might want to reach out. He is a very personable guy! 

Here is a little advice for you from Steve, "Physics dictates that the polo mallet when swung  is already correct before the player interferes with it . So if you are planning a training session , work on all of the riding positions in the saddle that will allow you to find a multitude of planes - then you just need to be able to balance yourself as you produce a pendulum within each shot ."

(For those who understand my business background much of success is in personality.)


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