Thursday, July 21, 2022

Picking the Right Quality Polo Boots: Design, Fit, Leather

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Polo is one of those sports that requires a level of investment in high quality supplies. Boots are fundamental to the game as they hold your feet in the stirrups and help protect your leg from mallet and rubbing damage. Bad boots are going to hurt your feet and high quality boots will protect your feet.

Look for high quality leather, good insoles, and lining. A high quality boots should be cut specific to your feet. In many cases expect to pay over $1K for a good quality custom boot. There are alternatives such as the $650 +/- custom boots from the good works company Escanaba Polo Mallet Co.

I would think in terms of quality of the boot relates to 1.) Design, 2.) Fit (Shoe Size), and 3.) Leather Type (Real Leather)

Here are a couple of strong articles about the quality of polo boots, an equipment list, and a buying guide to leather.

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