Friday, May 14, 2021

Prototype Heavy Duty "Club" Mallet-Will it Take a Beating? (Testing Method)

Club mallets go through some serious abuse! Smacks, pulls, and dragging take a toll on mallets used by polo students. One way to solve this is to develop a heavier club mallet that is thicker and able to last longer against the natural jousting of new students. As with all enhancements there will be natural detractors. In an effort to create a "club mallet" we have some ideas.

The idea came to head a few months ago when a police station, seeking to train mounted officers, reached out and asked for heavy duty mallets. I suspect they want to practice their balance and movements. Polo is one game that takes some time to learn and master. At the time I didn't have any so I thought a hardy "club mallet" would be beneficial for clubs and other heavy use activities. 

Advantages of a "Club mallet: Lasts longer, needs less replacement, and stands up to some pain. A little heavier but still very functionable.

Disadvantaged of  "Club Mallet": Because of the increased diameter of the shaft there is less bend and whip. The handle is a little thicker and is not as comfortable as I would like.

Suggestion: Because this is a new mallet that is untested in a natural setting its performance quality is relatively unknown. It will function for practice and perhaps for play. A fully functioning heavy duty mallet would cost more but it is being offered in exchange for a promise to provide feedback on what you like an don't like. 

If your interested you can contact me via email ( or you can go directly to Ebay and make a purchase. Just make sure that you send us your feedback so we know what to improve and what not to improve.

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